Podcast #002 – How to Take Action

PodcastsHey everyone. Here is the second podcast. We take a look the two things preventing us from taking action right now, and how to overcome them.

Faizal Nisar-002-Taking Action.mp3
[Time = 7:49]

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2 Responses to “ Podcast #002 – How to Take Action”

  1. Faizal, thanks – the volume was fine on this podcast.

    My initial reaction: Although I enjoy hearing your actual voice and the material you present is excellent, I feel that podcasts are something I need to engage with when I have more time to sit down and listen.

    I can read your blog posts really quickly, but I feel captured by a podcast, and sense that I prefer to move this listening activity to another point in the day when I can pay closer attention.

    This may just be my personal preference – I have never played music or any other background sound when I write or do other work – so I am unaccustomed to picking up information this way.

    I thought your speaking speed was well-paced and again, your material is excellent.

    How do you feel about your podcasts?

    What do you hope to achieve by producing them?

    Is the time you spend making them worthwhile to you?

    What do you hope for in the response of your podcast listeners?

    Warm wishes from the mountains – Catrien Ross.

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback Catrien. I feel that my podcasts are good but I will always try to improve it more and more. The main reason I put podcasts is so that people who like audio better than reading have an alternative.

    Just trying to provide more value to the readers. Thanks Catrien!

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