Podcast #001 – How to Be Truly Happy

PodcastsHere is the very first podcast. It explains a powerful technique that brings you happiness this instant and how you can keep that feeling forever! I hope you enjoy it.

Faizal Nisar-001-Truly Happy.mp3 [Time = 7:49]

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Here are some links to related to ideas in the podcast:

Think Your Way to Happiness – an article explaining how happiness is directly linked to our thoughts.

How to Finally Know What You Want – our friend William Womack explains happiness and life purpose in his own words.

Secret of Success: YOU – a look at how your thinking impacts the decisions you make and the life you live.

Stop Thinking, Start Doing – an article explaining how sometimes the more we think, the more we keep ourselves from success and true happiness.

Self Improvement Blog Archives – The complete set of self improvement articles.

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4 Responses to Podcast #001 – How to Be Truly Happy

  1. Kath Roberts says:

    Just listened to your podcast 1 and really enjoyed it. Some timeless wisdom and practical and useful gems on being happy now.
    Success is definitely a jouney not a destination and happiness is a manner of travelling not a station!
    Your site is great too-really informative.

  2. Catrien Ross says:

    Faizal, congratulations on taking your blog into podcasts. I had some problem with the sound on this one – even at top volume your voice was inaudible.

    But I want you to know that I visited! All right, on to your next podcast – Catrien Ross.

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