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Achieve Never Before Seen Success

SuccessRecently, I’ve added a consultations page to BeTrulyHappy.

Since BeTrulyHappy is becoming more popular by the day, I thought it would be a great way to provide more value to the readers. Right now, my consultation appointments usually come from local advertisements and referrals.

I have appointment times available so I encourage you to book before they get filled and you have to wait until I’m finished with current clients.

How to Stand Out in Group Meetings

Group-discussionIt can be nerve racking for us when we’re in a group meeting. We don’t want to say or do anything wrong because we know as soon as we speak, all eyes are on us. Being seen as different, criticized, or feeling unimportant is a natural fear in many of us.

On the other hand, there are people who can have a thousand eyes on them but still present themselves in a calm, relaxed and confident manner. Now that doesn’t mean they’re not nervous just like the rest of us. It just means they are more focused on what they want people to think of them, instead of what people will think of them.

10 Most Important Interview Tips

Interview Tips
Chase Bank called me in for an interview a few days ago. I was very excited when I heard the news.

On the day of the interview though, I felt myself getting nervous. That’s never a good thing! I’m sure you’ve felt the same way before.

Well, I’m glad to say the interview went great and I’m 99.9% sure I’m going to get the position.

Here’s my 10 most important interview tips that helped me overcome my nervousness and deliver an almost perfect interview.

The Better Job, More Money Challenge Week 1

November 8, 2009 marks the beginning of The Better Job, More Money Challenge. This challenge is about getting

Becoming Extremely Successful

Each of us has a different definition of success. We all have different ways of ways of getting there too. No matter what your definition

Examples of SMART Goals

SMART goals are used to make it easier to achieve your goals. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

A goal such as “I want to write a book” is vague. Vague goals lack plans and a way to track progress. It also doesn’t have a timeline to it. Setting a goal is one thing but having a plan and a deadline is what makes the goal attainable.

I will share with you some very good examples of SMART goals.

Establishing Clear Goals Helps Find Opportunities

[ When the Goal is Clear, the Opportunity is Near ] Establishing clear goals gives you a defined end result that you will achieve. It makes your intentions clear and gives you

Turning Knowledge Into Action

[ You Know It So Why Not Show It? ] We all have knowledge about one thing or another. Success comes for those that canĀ use their knowledge and act upon it. There are people with

Top Places to Build Wealth

[ Common, Safe, and Quick Places for Wealth BuildingĀ  ] Building wealth is a skill that some people are good at and a skill that some lack. Whether you already have it or not, you can always

5 Keys to Successful Goal Setting

[ A Goal is Meant to be Accomplished. Why Aren't Yours? ] What was your New Year’s resolution? Are you keeping up with it or did you forget you even made one? At one point or another, we all have said