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Option Straddle The Best Strategy When You Can’t Tell The Market Direction

Option straddle is a market neutral strategy

15Option straddle is a market neutral strategy where one holds a position in a call and put of the same strike price simultaneously. One can choose to go for a long straddle or a SteadyOptions Greeks Option . In a long straddle one buys a call and a put of the same strike price. The strategy pays off if the price moves strongly in either direction. The maximum possible loss in a straddle is the price of the straddle which equals the premium of the call + the premium of the put. The maximum possible profit is unlimited. A short straddle is the reverse of a long straddle and one sells the call and put of the same strike price. The maximum possible profit is capped at the premium of the call + premium of the put but the maximum possible loss is unlimited.

Long Option Straddle

When to opt for a long option straddle You should Visit SteadyOptions for a long straddle when you expect the price of the underlying to move significantly, in either direction. For example, suppose ABC corporation is coming out with its quarterly earnings tomorrow. You expect the numbers to be very bad or very good and hence expect that the price of ABC corp will move for sure, but aren’t sure of the direction. In this situation, you should buy the straddle. If the price of the stock moves up, the put will lose value but the call will gain in value. If the price of the stock falls down, the call will fall in value but the put will gain in value. However, since the quarterly earnings are an anticipated event, the market will price the options higher before the event. If the movement in price is small there will not be any profit When to opt for a short option straddle A short straddle should be bought when the implied volatility is high and you expect it to fall or when you expect the price to be range bound. If the price does not move, time decay and decrease in implied volatility will cause the price of both the call and the put to erode, leading to a net gain.


16Apparently, the changes that happen when options are being traded depends on the price of the underlying asset, changes in the market interest rates, time value(decay) of the option and the volatile nature of the options.It is critical for any investor to identify how the options operate in order the best approach to use to make a gain in the options market. Greeks options come about in the explanation of different options since most terms applied basically originate from Greek context. For instance, the Black-Scholes model which act as one of the pricing models is mostly applied in option trading.This model tend to bring out the aspect of volatility and the quantifiable factors that affects it.

Investor in Greek Option

In best options greeks strategy, there are four major components that each investor in option (either a buyer or a seller) should be concerned with. They include:


This is a unit measure that is used to evaluate the opportunities that the buyer or seller is exposed to in option trading. It tends to bring out on how the option price can be affected in relation to the movement of the underlying asset.


This is another great component that measures that brings out the exposure in which the option price can be affected after a designated period of time. It also brings the aspect of time remaining in relation to the expiry of an option.


This is unit measure that explains on how the option delta is exposed to a certain level of risk in relation to the movement displayed by the underlying asset. At this point, the time value is a matter of consideration as it is one of the essential factors.


This is a component that is responsible for measuring how the option price is exposed in the option market in relation to the volatility experienced.

Sensitivity Of Option market

Option market is sensitive and thus as an investor it is very crucial to know and establish the changes that occur in such kind of market.