Book a Consultation with Faizal Nisar

If you want to talk to Faizal about your personal situation, then book a consultation. People book consultations for a a number of of reasons. Some of the popular reasons include but are not limited to:

  • Getting pure satisfaction and enjoyment out of their life right now.
  • Turning around their life for the better.
  • Getting rid of limiting beliefs and achieving break-through success.
  • Building solid loving relationships with partners and family.
  • Needing a sense of direction and purpose in life.
  • Building self confidence and faith within themselves.
  • Creating more wealth and saving more money.

So basically, we will talk for 30-60 minutes a week for 8 weeks depending on which one you decide is right for you. We will work together from there on to fulfill your greatest desires.

Service Description Price
30 Minute Phone Consultation 30-minute consultation by phone for 8 full weeks
Current wait time: 1-2 weeks.

60-Minute Phone Consultation 60 minute consultation by phone for 8 full weeks.
Current wait time: 1-3 weeks