Hi, I’m Jessyca Mocadlo, and welcome to Be Truly Happy.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve worked my ass off for others. Some days I loved what I did, but majority of the time, I went to work for a pay check. Sound familiar?

After giving birth to my son, I realized that I was not truly happy with a lot of things in my life - including my job, my attitude, and my lack of motivation to make a change. I was comfortable and that is not where I wanted to be.

After months of exhaustion, “soul searching”, talking to myself, the cat, the baby, and anyone who would listen, I decided to start Be Truly Happy.

Your version of happy is going to be different than mine, but I believe we all come back to the same core value — having a purpose. We ALL have a purpose and we only have one freaking life to live, so let’s live it!

Be Truly Happy is a place of rants, raves, advice, entrepreneurship, personal development, life tricks and tips, and a whole bunch of other topics that I hope you find helpful.

Join me, and please…bring donuts.